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Add Dashlet not working

Question asked by Sebastian Wurms on Nov 23, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by André Lopes



we are currently trying to get the "Add Dashlet" function going. Whenever we try to add a dashlet, it says "loading" for a second, but then nothing happens, no dashlet is added.

Exisiting Dashlets are adaptable and show the correct data. When you reset the starting page, the basic dashlets are added.

There is no error shown in the browser log, I even can see the correct data in the response of the call.

The SugarLog shows the following (fatal) error:

"[FATAL] Unable to return chart data, invalid xml for file cache/xml/4a7dd9f1-a3d9-54df-873f-5a0b1d0007f7_5163d32d-3f07-6687-385c-5a12b1dc3c0c.xml"

Any help deciffering this message and maybe pointing us towards the direction for a solution is welcomed!


We are using Sugar CE 6.5.20 on Debian2 with php 5.6


Thank you very much in advance,

best regards