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How to filter query in subpanel Select pop up window

Question asked by jlabuelo on Nov 21, 2017

Hello all


We are using SugarCRM 6.5 CE, and we have included in one of our modules a condition that would make the "Module" List view to show all modules, or only some of them, depending on a condition of the current_user.

We have achieved this following the guides of other posts in this forum, modifying the view.list.php file in custom/modules/MODULE/Views.

However we have realized that when an user needs to relate a record of this Module with a Contact for example, if you go to the "Module Subpanel" in the Contacts List View, and you click on "Select", the search and list view shown in the pop up window does not include this condition, and shows all records of the "Module" no matter the user that is "selecting" them from Contacts.

How can we apply the same filtering condition to the Subpanel - Select pop up window??

We have tried to follow this link, but it does not work....


php - How I can customize query in view.popup in SugarCRM - Stack Overflow 

Thanks a lot in advance!!