John Kostenbader

Interpret User Session Summary (last 7 days)

Discussion created by John Kostenbader on Nov 20, 2017

We just went live with Sugar on 11/1/17 and I'm trying to gauge resistance to using the application as a function of training deficit or simply that staff are not using it (and therefore not gaining the experience). The user sessions summary seems like a great tool to see what staff are interacting with sugar and who is not. I have a little difficulty interpreting it though.


The COUNT of sessions I would interpret as a staff member signing in and then doing something in the application. I assume that session ends when Sugar either times out or they actively logout (not when they close the browser necessarily)


The SUM of seconds is also puzzling especially when compared to the number of sessions. For example I have users that have had only 1 session in 7 days but have over 500,000 seconds of activity. I rationalize this as somebody signing in on a Monday and just leaving the browser open.


Am I misinterpreting any of this? Is there a better way to gauge user participation? Any advice would be appreciated