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Relate datatype in the form of a "multiple relate" datatype and cost calculation

Discussion created by Rico de Feijter on Nov 20, 2017
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Dear Sugar users,


I am still new to Sugar as I recently I started working at a company where Sugar is used. Here, Sugar is, among others, used as a means to register cases and at this very moment only one "chassis number" (a field from another module) can be related to a case via the relate datatype.


The wish, however, is to relate multiple of these "chassis numbers" to one case. So I searched for a relate-like datatype that supports the selection of multiple fields of a module. However, I am not able to find such a datatype. Do you know a solution or workaround for this?


Further, currently it is only possible to enter the total costs for one case. A follow-up wish is to divide the total case costs over the amount of chassis numbers. This means that if the total costs are, for instance, €10.000 and 5 chassis numbers are related to a case, Sugar must be able to assign €2.000 (€10.000/5) to each of these chassis numbers. In this desired case, Sugar should then show a field in which the total costs can be entered. Then after entering the total costs, Sugar should populate a list of the related chassis numbers together with the divided costs per chassisnumber (e.g. chassisnumber1: €2000, chassisnumber2: €2000 .... chassisnumber5: €2000).


Can the above be realized in a simple manner (by using formulas) or does the above require additional development work?


Thanks in advance for your response.