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Extend List View

Question asked by Faye Business Systems Group Developers on Nov 3, 2017

Hi Team,


We would like to capture the item click on the ListView for a custom module.  It's not working. 

Here are the details:


Custom Module Name: fbsg_NearBy

File: custom/views/fbsg_NearBy-list/list.js

File content:


const customization = require('%app.core%/customization.js');
const ListView = require('%app.views.list%/list-view');

const fbsg_NearByListView = customization.extend(ListView, {

    onItemClick: function(model, e){

//Register AccountsDetailView class to be used as detail view for Accounts module
customization.register(fbsg_NearByListView, { module: 'fbsg_NearBy' });

module.exports = fbsg_NearByListView;


Could you please help?