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How are record and create views supposed to work?

Question asked by Artis Plocins on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Enrico Simonetti

Originally I thought that the record view code will run only on existing records open in the UI and the create view code will run only when the user is creating a completely new record.


While developing customisations that extend the functionality of both views I ran into a big contradiction when I realised that the drawer widget was kind of running the record view code even though it was used only for creating new records.

In my tests, it clearly shows that the initialize() function of both the record view and the create view gets executed. That has been making it messier.


How am I supposed to utilise these separate views if the create view also exists inside the create view because of the drawer widget? Any functionality I need in the create view I have to implement in the record view to work when someone creates a record from a subpanel or another way that presents the drawer widget.