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A big problem with ElasticSearch 1.7

Question asked by carloszaragoza on Oct 18, 2017
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Please, your help


A big issue with ElasticSearch


I have an instance Sugar Ent using a ElasticSearch server with 4Gb RAM and 2tb in HD, but when I try to reindex the information NEVER done the totallity of records. I have 3.7 Millions of records of contacts and the index stop it in 300,000 records.


I use the command line with sugarcrm without success.

I use de administrator page in global search without success.

I did delete the records in FTS_QUEUE before the reindex, without success

I did delete the records in Job_queue before the reindex, without success.

So, what is the way to reindex the totality of records if Sugar have a alternative to it.?


Please, I would appreciate any ideas to solve this problem.

This is the configuraction in config_override:


$sugar_config['cron']['max_cron_jobs'] = 500;
$sugar_config['cron']['max_cron_runtime'] = 3600;
$sugar_config['cron']['min_cron_interval'] = 0;

$sugar_config['search_engine']['max_bulk_query_threshold'] = 50000;

$sugar_config['search_engine']['max_bulk_delete_threshold'] = 900;
$sugar_config['search_engine']['max_bulk_threshold'] = 10000;


I follow the guide in: Elasticsearch Indexing Jobs in Sugar 7 « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM 

but I can't index all registers


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