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Challenges with image field types: viewing images, mobile app capture.

Question asked by Aaron Kerr on Oct 17, 2017

We have four custom image fields within our Notes module. The goal is to allow our sales staff the ability to capture a variety of images: customer locations, product samples, pictures of documents, etc... These are the challenges we're seeing:


1) Once an image is added to a record, there's no way in the web interface to view the image full size. All you can see is a tiny thumbnail. If you click on it, the edit interface comes up for the image. The only options are to replace with a new image or delete the image.


2) The mobile app allows you to upload or capture an image using your device's camera. But all the images are automatically resized to 600 pixels wide and heavily compressed. The resulting files are often 30-40KB each. If you're taking a picture of a document, such as an invoice or order, the text is completely unreadable. 


These issues make the image file type essentially unusable for us at this point. We're running Enterprise. 


Has anyone else experienced these issues? Is there a way to view added images we're missing? Any way to adjust the size and compression of images captured through the mobile application? Thanks.