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Develop and test java program to integrate with SugarCRM

Question asked by Manju De Silva on Oct 14, 2017
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I'm working on a project which required to communicate with SugarCRM service. I want to get a test account of SugarCRM which can be used something like sandbox environment. Unfortunately, I couldn't find that kind of resource is available from your documentation. I have tried the free trial account as well, but it looks like it's only for evaluate the functionalities of SugarCRM using web interface. Can you please let me know is there a way to test my java client of SugarCRM for operations like account creation, fetching available accounts etc.
At the same time, please let me know if I want to integrate with SugarCRM using a java program, which way is the best way - use java client or use REST API?
Thanks in advance