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Functions on New Quote Module

Question asked by Sara Tatam on Oct 4, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2017 by André Lopes

I have a number of questions about the Quote module after exploring in depth with a customer today:


1) You can drag and drop Line Items, but NOT groups? (I have tested) is there a setting which will enable Groups to be dragged and dropped? Is this something that may be out in a future release?

2) Is there a way you can duplicate Groups? (with their associated Products) If not is it something that we can expect to see in the future?

3) On QLI you can mass update the 'Discount %' field but only with a Yes or No - not a number; for example 50%.

4) Also when a product shows, you no longer see the description - users are no longer able to tailor their product descriptions. Or if typing a new Product in the description will be empty. I believe this is done at code level, but any release to bring to front end?


Many thanks.