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minDate and maxDate not working sugar datepicker

Question asked by sidhu sidhu on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by André Lopes

Hi All,


         I was trying this work around to restrict the dates in date picker using the minDate and maxDate options so that user can be restricted in selecting dates.


I have tried various options but with no success.


André Lopes hats Francesca Shiekh Angel Magana



in File /custom/clients/base/fields/date/date.js




   _setupDatePicker: function() {
        var $field = this.$(this.fieldTag),
            userDateFormat = this.getUserDateFormat(),//mm/dd/yyyy
            options = {
                languageDictionary: this._patchPickerMeta(),
                weekStart: parseInt(app.user.getPreference('first_day_of_week'), 10),
                minDate:"09/22/2017",//added by me
                maxDate:"09/30/2017",//added by me
        var appendToTarget = this._getAppendToTarget();
        if (appendToTarget) {
            options['appendTo'] = appendToTarget;
        this._hasDatePicker = true;