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Is it possible to create a global after_save logic hook?

Question asked by Artis Plocins on Sep 21, 2017
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I need to create an after_save logic hook that will run on all or a list of modules (array of module names to check) when a record in any of them is saved.


Instead of copying and pasting logic hook definitions to each and every module, is there a way to create such a hook globally? What kind of files should I put where?


I understand that global logic hooks are placed in ./custom/modules/logic_hooks.php, but is there any way to trigger a global logic hook on the save actions of any module?


I can see that an after_save logic hook in that logic_hooks.php file does work, but it does not seem right for my situation since in my log I can see that it triggers several times on a simple page load.
Is this because SugarCRM is based on modules and making a global after_save logic hook makes it trigger on many underlying system modules that are not even touched by the user directly?

I wonder if it would cause performance implications if I simply had a condition that allows the hook to only continue if the module that triggers it is in a list of allowed modules.


Edit: Actually the problem I have now is that I am unable to log function arguments and whenever I try to Sugar tells me "there was an error while connecting to the server".

According to the documentation the after_save logic hook should have arugments $bean, $event and $arguments, but like I said - none of them can be logged and when it tries to log it the saving is actually completely prevented.