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how to enable search by follower where user could search by any sugar user?

Question asked by Ron Lesh on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Ron Lesh

Hello everyone.


I am currently on sugar i have a user case where user want to easily find out all cases he/she currently following. since there is a many to many relationship, i was hoping there could by any option in studio where i could just drag the follower , or at least "my following" to the available search options. However, there is not such thing.


i also could not find any table that actually stores the many to many relationship between cases and users. Just wondering if any of you guys had come across the same user case? How could i add this kind of search filter?


I was thinking may be i could just add a custom filter called "My following", however, since i could not see the table which stores the relationships, i am not sure how could i write the "filter_definition" for it.


Could anyone offer some help? thanks a lot.