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REST v10 API for Linked Records in Custom Modules

Question asked by Jim McKibben on Sep 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by hats

Please help me find linked records in custom modules via the v10 REST API. I did not make these custom modules, the previous Sugar admin did.


I am attempting to find linked records that are in custom modules we've added. I can't seem to do it. Most of the standard built-in modules work fine, for example - contacts, notes, leads, opportunities, etc.
We have five custom modules, and I know the prefix naming scheme and have been using in the query.

Example REST v10 API URL path:



In addition, I don't believe this is a module customization, but I've noticed we have a "Member Organization" sub-panel on the Account view which is shown as a account_account link in the Studio and I can't seem to query "accounts" that are linked to "accounts".


Further in addition, does one have to use a collection to get linked - emails, calls, meetings - for a record within a module? If so, how does one make the necessary changes to their OnDemand environment to allow for this?