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Quote PDF - Add Discounted Price for Line Item

Question asked by Joe Perri on Sep 11, 2017

I am looking to develop a custom PDF for quoting.  We often will offer a discount from our list prices, so I need to be able to display the new discounted price per line item. For example, if an item cost $100 and we give our customer a 20% discount, I need the $80 price to show.  If a person purchased 2 of these items, I still need it to display $80.  I do believe this is possible using the Quoted Line Item (Module) and displaying Discount US Dollar (Field).  Because I have to associate this with the Quote Module, I am not able to just use:




For other fields that are not in the Quote module, I have been able to do {$} to display the Product Name and so forth. Does anyone know how I can display the line item discount price for an item?  I am assuming that I just need the table name (or reference) to place at the start of the string.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.