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How can I show Note/Task attachments in the mobile app?

Question asked by Zachary Allin on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by Zachary Allin

Hi there,


We have a custom Sugar mobile application using the Sugar Mobile SDK Beta 4 and are having issues displaying the "Attachment" field in the detail view of the Note and Task modules. 


We have defined the fields available for the Notes' and Tasks' mobile detail and edit views in the main Sugar application code, but nothing appears for the 'filename' field when viewing the individual records.  


I've attached a screenshot, 'app-note-detail-screenshot' that provides an example of a record that has a JPG image attached to it.  I can verify that it is visible through the standard Sugar web UI. There is a second attached screenshot, 'note-detail-view-vardef.png' that details the Notes module's detail view we've customized through the main Sugar application. 


What field value can we specify to allow our mobile users to view attachments on the Notes and Tasks modules?