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Export Default Dashlet Location for Record View and Detail View for module.

Question asked by Jenit Ramaiya on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by hats

Hi Team,


We have set some custom and default Dashlets on dashboard for each module for record and detail view in SugarCRM. Now we need to export the same and import on another instance. On following SugarCRM’s default export customization feature we are not able to export dashboards we created. We searched on SugarCRM community found result as sharing dashboard using out of the box is not available. We need to share dashboard to more than 100 users. To go and manually create dashboard for each and every user is not feasible. Kindly suggest us way to share and export dashboard.


We want to deploy the Dashboard customization from Development environment to UAT/Production so how can we bundle the Dashboard customization and deploy it on another instance of SugarCRM. So we need solution for both issues i.e. how to bundle it to roll out to another instance and once deployed how to shar it with existing users.


Please advise.


Refer the Ticket # 290994.