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Cannot load application with error Invalid link created_by_link in Sugar

Question asked by Autchara Chaiprom on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Francesca Shiekh



I tried to clone data from repo to local but have some problem with 500 internal server error.

In my local still using Sugar but in repo is go forward to it's been upgraded.

So, I tried to create new instance and database for

A thing that I do in my local:


1. Init new instance for

- I create new repo for using

- Set up .htaccess

- Copy config.php and config_override.php

- Create folder cache and upload 

- Give permission all files and folders to 777

- Change in config.php in dbconfig to connect with new database ( and sugar_version to


2. Create new database for

- by copy from server that already upgraded

- in config table  

- All tables with structure

- Some table with structure and data

--- List of table with data ---
1 acl_actions
2 acl_fields
3 acl_roles
4 acl_roles_actions
5 acl_roles_users
6 config
7 currencies
8 custom_fields
9 eapm
10 expressions
11 fields_meta_data
12 relationships
13 roles
14 roles_modules
15 roles_users
16 team_memberships
17 team_notices
18 team_sets
19 team_sets_modules
20 team_sets_teams
21 teams
22 upgrade_history
23 user_preferences
24 users


I could be work like I did for version before but not.  

Sugar cannot loaded itself but rest/v10/help is still working.


Error in php_errors.log

PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'SugarApiExceptionInvalidParameter' with message 'Invalid link created_by_link' in {_path_}/htdocs/include/SugarQuery/SugarQuery.php:941
Stack trace:
#0 {_path_}/htdocs/include/SugarQuery/SugarQuery.php(371): SugarQuery->loadBeans('created_by_link', Array)
#1 {_path_}/htdocs/data/SugarBean.php(3084): SugarQuery->join('created_by_link', Array)
#2 {_path_}/htdocs/include/SugarObjects/templates/person/Person.php(37): SugarBean->retrieve(1, false, true)
#3 {_path_}/htdocs/modules/Users/User.php(781): Person->retrieve(1, false, true)
#4 {_path_}/htdocs/data/BeanFactory.php(90): User->retrieve(1, false, true)
#5 {_path_}/htdocs/modules/ProjectTask/ProjectTask.php(75): BeanFactory::getBean('Users', 1)
#6 {_path_} in /{_path_}/htdocs/include/SugarQuery/SugarQuery.php on line 941

and sugarcrm.log show:

Unknown column 'users_cstm.amount_of_key_accounts_c' in 'field list'

I think in sugar log may related from php error above.



I research and found link below, it look close to my problem:

SugarCRM, Inc. 


Have someone facing with same situation ?

Any suggestion for me?