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Convert Quote customization in Sidecar

Discussion created by Offshore Evolution on Aug 24, 2017
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Hello guys,


How can I convert bwc Quote customization to Sidecar customization.


Please check below screenshot for understanding our current customization in Quote module. We have 2 level groups and each group have line items options as well. I am review current new Quote module but not fully understand how to convert it in Sidecar. Could you please provide some guidance for override Sidecar functions for convert customization in new Sidecar base Quote module? I already review Sugar guide line on website but did not find any options to convert our current customization.


In above screenshot first one is regular line items (Default line quote line item) and second one is has customized line item which has 2 level groups and sub line items as well. Right now I just display 1 level sub line items only but it may have 2nd level line items as well.




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