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Error on REST api v4

Question asked by Tuan Anh Khuc on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by André Lopes

Hi everyone,


We got error on REST api v4. It blocks us to get data from sugar database. We are using SugarCRM Version (Build 9)

Strict Standards: Declaration of SugarWebServiceImplv3_1::get_entry_list() should be compatible with SugarWebServiceImpl::get_entry_list($session, $module_name, $query, $order_by, $offset, $select_fields, $link_name_to_fields_array, $max_results, $deleted = 0) in /home/testsugarcrm/app/www/service/v3_1/SugarWebServiceImplv3_1.php on line 20


Strict Standards: Declaration of SugarWebServiceUtilv4::get_data_list() should be compatible with SugarWebServiceUtilv3_1::get_data_list($seed, $order_by = '', $where = '', $row_offset = 0, $limit = -1, $max = -1, $show_deleted = 0, $favorites = false, $singleSelect = false) in /home/testsugarcrm/app/www/service/v4/SugarWebServiceUtilv4.php on line 638


Strict Standards: Declaration of SugarWebServiceImplv4::get_entries() should be compatible with SugarWebServiceImplv3_1::get_entries($session, $module_name, $ids, $select_fields, $link_name_to_fields_array, $track_view = false) in /home/testsugarcrm/app/www/service/v4/SugarWebServiceImplv4.php on line 21

Does anyone know how to fix this error?