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Admin unable to login after installation

Question asked by Paul Farrell on Aug 16, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by nray

Unable to login, using the admin user, following installation.


Hi - I have installed Sugar on an Amazon EC2 Windows instance. Having installed successfully, I cannot log in using the admin account. If I enter the username and password and click 'Login', all that happens is that the login screen is presented again. 




   Windows Server 2016


   Elasticsearch 1.7


In case it might have been the wrong password, I changed the password directly in the database following the instructions here… 


I have checked all of the log files that are linked to from XAMPP but there is nothing obvious:



I have also checked the 'sugarcrm.log' file but, again, nothing there immediately obvious. 


Is there anyone that can help me. I must admit it is a little worrying that there is an issue so early on in my trial. 


Thanks for your time