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Sugar Logic - Conditionally hiding and showing fields not working

Question asked by Steve Rose on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by Steve Rose

I'm using Sugar 7.9.


I have a field in the Contacts module which should only show if the account the Contact is related to has a particular 'account_type'. 


I have set the field as dependent and used a formula: 




This felt like what I should be doing in the sense that it's a dependent field which should only be visible if the related account type is equal to a given selection.


This 'sometimes' works (e.g. shows and hides on create when I change the relate field to matching and not matching accounts) but doesn't seem very reliable or particularly stable.


For example when I create a Contact that has an Account with the required type and select from the field, upon save the dependent field just disappears in the edit view. When I save the Contact with an account that has the matching account type the dependent field would just vanish off of the screen even though I've got selected values in it. It seems to every now and then remove the field off of the screen even though the formula would suggest it should be showing so gets into an incorrect state.


In other cases it goes the other way and re-appears. So if I have an Account that should mean the field shouldn't be showing, on clicking save, the dependent field then sometimes just appears when it shouldn't.


Do I need to do anything different to achieve what I'm trying to do (is the SugarLogic alone not enough)? 

Is my formula wrong or needs adding to?


Any help would be appreciated.