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Integrating with Act-On

Question asked by Tom Repetti on Aug 15, 2017

We are using Sugar on demand ( and we are having an integration problem Act-On.  


When we send Leads to Sugar from Act-On, we want to populate the Campaign information if available.  In Sugar's 'Leads' table there are 'campaign_id ' and 'campaign_name' fields, but we can't seem to get the push from Act-On to populate the field.  


After exhaustive troubleshooting with Act-On, we seem to be close to an understanding of what is wrong.


When in 'Studio' and looking at the Leads-Fields screen, neither the 'campaign_name' or 'campaign_id' field appears. I tried to add them, but their names are  reserved keywords.  As a test, I added a test field to module and tested with Act-On in successfully populating the new field.


Can anyone offer any insight?