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What's the best way to upgrade pre-prod Sugar using version control?

Question asked by Phil Gibbs on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2017 by Hans Hofmeister

We have several development environments that are running 7.9.0, and we share and update code using version control (Git). I've managed to upgrade one development environment to 7.9.1 using the upgrade wizard, and then propagate the change to the other environments using Git instead of running the upgrade wizard on each one.


However this leaves Sugar with a mismatch between app and database.


I've thought about and tried the following:

- manually dumping the new 7.9.1 DB and importing it into the other environments once they've pulled from VCS

- manually updating the 7.9.0 DB and just incrementing the version number

- running the upgrade wizard on all environments individually and dealing with merges into VCS later


I'm not sure any of these are the right ways, and they all come with different challenges. This is bearing in mind that everyone has different working trees at any single point in time. I might be missing a fourth, obvious and simple, option.


Is there a generally accepted method of performing an upgrade across a number of version-controlled development environments?


Thanks in advance.