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How is acl_role_set_id (or acl_role_set) being used?

Question asked by Leo DePug on Aug 10, 2017

Hi all, I have a question regarding acl_role_sets.


In Sugar 7.8 schema, users table has a column for:

acl_role_set_id` char(36) DEFAULT NULL,

which seems to reference to records in acl_role_sets table (


At the same time, the schema also has a table for acl_role_users, which associates users with acl_roles.

Based on the table acl_role_sets_acl_roles, acl_role_sets appears to be a grouping of acl_roles.


When assigning roles to users in Sugar 7.8, should acl_role_set be used or should we continue to use individual roles as assignment (acl_role_users)?


Thank you