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Get the attachements of email without clicking

Question asked by Muhammad Shaji Uddin on Aug 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 24, 2018 by Jagruti Sangani



As I tested below is default behavior of Emails in SugarCRM.


a. SugarCRM is storing the email information in db table "email_cache"

b. Attachment files in folder "<SUGARCRM_DIR>/cache/modules/Emails/'.$ie_id.'/attachments/" where "$folder_id" is inbound email id from column "ie_id" of table "inbound_email". It means each user have own folder (named inbound email id) where all emails attachments are storing.


1. Send email with attachment (csv etc) from any email client to SugarCRM (user email)


2. Email not showing in Emails module and table "email_cache" not updated until than user clicks on button "Check Mail" (Note: I tried to set auto refresh for 5/10 minutes but email not showing until than I click on button "Check Mail")


3. After click on "Check Mail" the table "email_cache" is got updated and email is showing in Email module but still attached file/files not download in the folder "<SUGARCRM_DIR>/cache/modules/Emails/'.$ie_id.'/attachments/" until user click on that email from Emails module


4. After click on that email than only attachments files saving (Refer point# b)


Required: I need to write a custom scheduler or script that can do above 4 points


Any help will be highly appreciable