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Read values from csv and save into database

Question asked by Muhammad Shaji Uddin on Aug 8, 2017
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Once a email with attachments is received on Sugar Emails inbox the attached files (without extensions) saving in SugarCRM directory which is "<CRM>\cache\modules\Emails\<id_from_table_email_cache>\attachments"


id_from_table_email_cache = There is a db table called "email_cache" in this table a field is exist "ie_id". This id and "id_from_table_email_cache" names are same


For above requirement I tried by using custom scheduler but most of required php functions are ban like readdir, fopen, fgetcsv


I need to do below things.

1. Consider only csv files because other files also exist in folder

2. Get values from csv

3. Insert values in database table (any)


Any help will be highly appreciable.