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How do I import using the Campaign ID from a related custom module

Question asked by Roland Wang on Aug 6, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by André Lopes

I've created a custom module that has a many-to-one relationship with campaigns. I'd like to import the this new module and also be able to have the Campaign ID as a field for import.


But when I attempt to import, Campaigns is the only option and seems to only take the Campaign Name to associate the new module record with campaigns instead of the Campaign ID. The problem with this is that the Campaign ID is unique, but the Campaign Name is not.


I am facing the same problem with this new module and the Contact module as well, where I'm not able to use the Contact ID for import. The problem is that names are even more likely not to be unique.


Any insight into how I'd be able to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.