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getting server_round_trip while processing bulk records in Accounts

Question asked by Ankit Chauhan on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by André Lopes

Hi ,

I'm a newbie and I have landed in trouble!!

My Problem statement:

I'm using a bulk accounts update in database, post web service call which resulting in some kind of error and is ending my SQL connection. Post checking the server logs I'm getting "server_round_trip hook called" entry, post that msSql connecting is getting disconnected because of which my job for updating bulk records are getting failed.


Let me explain you what i'm doing-

1. I'm creating a batch job (approx 5000 records) which contains all the Accounts record whose address entities are getting cleansed by a web service.

2. Post web service call, I'm updating the records status in MSSQL database for the 5000 records.

3. While updating the records in DB i'm getting the below entries in my logs post that my job gets failed to update records. 


Please find my log entries-

07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Hook called: ::server_round_trip
07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class 'SugarMetric_HookManager' without parameters
07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Calling Mssql::disconnect()


What I can't figure out-

1. Why i'm getting server_round_trip hook call- since this is something which is called once the sugar_cleanup() method is called to shutdown sugar.

2. How will I get rid of this since the documentation talks about how to handle his hook.which is also not very clear.


Please note that this is impacting my product release timeline which is this weekend i.e. 4th August 2017. Any help or pointer is very much appreciated. Please help