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How to block next stage(Parent) until previous stage status is completed in customer journey sugarcrm

Question asked by Rupesh Ranjangaonkar on Jul 31, 2017



I have installed customer Journey Plugin on Sugarcrm 7.9 version. By default customer journey has BLOCKED BY feature for sub activities(Task, Meeting and Calls). I want to block Main/Parent stage to get updated / completed before it's previous stage status is not completed.


Like I have the following scenario.

I have three main stages of Customer Journey  (Prospecting, Qualification and Need Analysis) in customer journey of Opportunity module.


Prospecting has three sub-activities / stages, Qualification has five sub-activities and Need analysis has two sub-activities. I want that until user is completed the third activities of Prospecting stage, he has not able to edit or completed any stage of Qualification and Need Analysis.



Please suggest.