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Hook called: ::server_round_trip in sugarcrm logs while trying to fetch huge data from sugarcrm database.

Question asked by Anup Kumar on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by Anup Kumar

I have created a custom module and trying to update records in batch(More than 100K records) from accounts entity.

The processing starts successfully and around 5000 records gets updated successfully.

But after that getting below logs:


07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Hook called: ::server_round_trip
07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Creating new instance of hook class 'SugarMetric_HookManager' without parameters
07/28/17 16:40:48 [3340][1][DEBUG] Calling Mssql::disconnect()
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] Hook called: ::entry_point_variables_setting
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] Including hook file: custom/application/Ext/LogicHooks/logichooks.ext.php
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] current_language is: en_us
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] Found cache backend SugarCacheAPC
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] Found cache backend SugarCacheDb
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][INFO] Connect:Resource id #238
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][INFO] tableExists: key_value_cache
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][INFO] Get One: |SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES WHERE TABLE_TYPE='BASE TABLE' AND TABLE_NAME='key_value_cache'|
07/28/17 16:40:50 [3340][-none-][DEBUG] Array.


How can I do a processing if it is taking very much time(In hours)?