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Gmail Integration- Email, Contact and Calendar Sync

Question asked by Jenit Ramaiya on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Hemant Patil

Hi Team,


We are trying to do setup for Gmail integration with Sugar instance. 

Same we tried using sugarcrm connectors. I can able to sync the contacts item but unable to sync calendar, task opportunity etc.

Our requirements to do setup out of the box viz. email, contact, task calendar item sync etc. without using third party plugin software's.


Email Archiving option not able to set enable on local and demo instance (Error Screenshot attached).





Please note, both email and connectors settings are not working at a time. for example if we enable Google connectors, we need to enable OAuth 2.0 client ID in gmail API manager, then our email send and receiving doesn't work. 

Please suggest.


Also please provide us further documents to fulfill our provisions.



Ambit Support