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First time Configuring Sugar - XML Parsing Problem - Ubuntu 16.04LTS

Question asked by Justin Loop on Jul 25, 2017

I just installed the Sugar CRM on a VM running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.  I worked with a company that used SuagrCRM and really thought it was impressive.  I want to use SugarCRM for a project; I am really hoping to get this going. 


After following all of the steps to get the CRM ready be be executed for the first time, when I get to the System Check Acceptance page in the Sugar Setup Wizard, I am getting the following problem.



STATUS: Functions associated with XML Parser Libraries that are needed by the Sugar application were not found. You might need to uncomment the extension in the php.ini file, or recompile with the right binary file, depending on your version of PHP. Please refer to your PHP Manual for more information.


Location of your PHP configuration file (php.ini):


I looked in the PHP manual (maybe I was looking in the wrong manual or page), but did not see how to fix this issue.


In my research, I did see a thread saying something about enabling the php extension libxml, but I have not seen anywhere how to do that.

Reference: Problem Installing SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.25 on Ubuntu 17.4 


If I may kindly ask, please provide specific instructions as to how to correct his issue.  I would really appreciate it.