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Potential Bug, SugarCRM 7.9 index key too long

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Jul 18, 2017

I deployed some new modules with relationships to a test instance of 7.9 Preview (*), via code, for testing, these were for custom modules that were created in a instance.


After creating the modules, I copied over the relevant files for the new relationships:




and executed a QRR


The relevant SQL was populated to create the relationship tables but it errored out with the following in the Sugar Log


Executing repair query:  Query Failed: CREATE TABLE pgopp_partnershipopportunities_pgdoc_partnership_documents_2_c (id char(36)  NOT NULL ,date_modified datetime  NULL ,deleted bool  DEFAULT 0 NULL ,pgopp_part24bfunities_ida char(36)  NULL ,pgopp_parta389cuments_idb char(36)  NULL  , PRIMARY KEY (id),   KEY idx_pgopp_partnershipopportunities_pgdoc_partnership_documents_2_ida1_deleted (pgopp_part24bfunities_ida, deleted),   KEY idx_pgopp_partnershipopportunities_pgdoc_partnership_documents_2_idb2_deleted (pgopp_parta389cuments_idb, deleted),   KEY pgopp_partnershipopportunities_pgdoc_partnership_documents_2_alt (pgopp_parta389cuments_idb)) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci: MySQL error 1059: Identifier name 'idx_pgopp_partnershipopportunities_pgdoc_partnership_documents_2_ida1_deleted' is too long


I checked the test instance and the index keys had been truncated to:



Why is 7.9 not truncating the name when generating the SQL?

Is this an issue with the 7.9 Preview only?





(*) I have tried and failed to upgrade to thus far - still working on resolving the issues, but wanted to test this new module in 7.9.x before taking it live.