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Copy Lead Activities on Lead Conversion

Question asked by hats on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2017 by sidhu sidhu

Hello Folks,


I was looking into lead conversion and want to copy all the activities of lead to contact while conversion. I have gone through the current settings in "System Settings" and there is only "move" option. There is no "copy".

But when I go through the modules/Leads/LeadConvert.php file, they already have a logic in place to copy activities but somehow hard-coded "move" option in related JS files like convert-options.js and convert-main.js. I tried passing "copy" option in these files and it worked but then I am not able to extend convert-main.js (modules/Leads/clients/base/layouts/convert-main/convert-main.js). I tried by giving:

extendsFrom: "ConvertMainLayout"

but it didn't work. If anybody has any better idea for copying activities during lead convert or how to extend convert-main.js (currently I need to copy the whole file as it is in custom folder which I don't like), please let me know.