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What are the usual reasons for an email campaign to not work? We have toggled with all the option and cant get a single test email to come through

Question asked by Abbey Leabo on Jul 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Abbey Leabo

We would like to utilize the campaign tool to reach out to our target lists but cannot get any of the test emails to come through to us. 


The bounce email inbox is setup

the job scheduler is running

the marketing email is active

Campaign Status ( what should this be set to? Active, In Queue, Sending) we have been trying active

The Email Template is complete, saved and active


When we proceed to send the test email, a notification pops up saying test emails have been sent, but we have received nothing. I have created a target list of our emails and set is as a "test list". 


What else can we do to get this thing working?


I will send baked goods to whomever can successfully help me