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Unable to add (+1) inside advance workflow

Discussion created by Rupesh Ranjangaonkar on Jul 12, 2017



I have created workflow in sugarcrm using


As i reached to step10 and follow the following steps


Next, configure each of the Change Field actions to increment their corresponding day-counter field by 1. For example, when the gateway directs the process flow to the action labeled "Prospecting", the action will add +1 to the opportunity's "Days Prospecting" field. Follow these steps to configure the prospecting action as an example:

  • Right-click on the action element and select "Settings".
  • Click inside the checkbox next to "Days Prospecting" to enable editing in the field.
  • Click inside the adjacent text box and then click on Fields > Opportunities > Days Prospecting to move the field into the criteria window.
  • Click on the plus sign in the operators bar to move the addition symbol into the criteria window.


I am not able to add (+1) for increment days integer value, it give me attached screen shot error. I have also tried with filled all the mandatory fields but getting the same error.


Please suggest.