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Code done in standard files

Discussion created by Sravani Tedla on Jul 7, 2017
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Hi all,


We have a project on sugarcrm community edition. All the code was done in standard files by the developer who has worked on this project previously.
Now as all know SugarCRM by default provides to trigger an Email based on the value selected in the dropdown of Email Invitees as per the prior time selected.

Now all the code which makes the above functionality was replaced by the custom code in the standard files, now what the custom code does is it sends email to all the invitees on save of the meeting whether it is recurrance meeting or normal meeting without considering the Email Invitees option.

Now the issue the client want the feature of prior option i.e the default sugarcrm functionality which works without any customisation.
Now as most of the standard files are replaced by custom code,I am not able to find a way to get the default functionality as i m not sure what all functionality is linked upon with the custom code.


Could you please suggest your ideas if any.