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Sugar RESTful API Integration Issue with 1 LB - 2 WS on High Availability Server

Question asked by Mohammed Jhosawa on Jul 3, 2017

This is regarding issue we're facing on SugarCRM Setup on High Availability Servers. Following servers has been setup -


1. 1 Web Load Balancer 
2. 2 Web Servers - Rsync for syncing the data between two web servers
3. 1 DB Load Balancer
4. 2 DB Servers - M-M Replication


When both the web servers are up we are getting error while using POST to create lead in SugarCRM. We are receiving access token but leads are not getting created in the CRM.


It shows the error - {"error":"invalid_grant","error_message":"The access token provided is invalid."}


When we make one web server down. It works fine.


Can anyone please advise on this issue. Help will much appreciated 


Thanks in advance.