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Allocate memory error crating record

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 29, 2017
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Hi all

I have a questiong about php memory_limit in sugarcrm. We are using sugarcrm 6.5 CE in a 4GB Ram server. We have set up php memory_limit to 2048M as we are getting the "allocate memory error" when we try to launch a custom code we built. This code takes Leads beans that match a condition and transforms them into new Contacts beans with specific values, also creates Accounts beans and then relate them (accounts-contacts). Process seems to be quite easy, as internal checks in the code before records and relation are created are quite simple.


Problem is that now we need to launch a process for 700 leads....and always after a while it crashes with this error. I have been searching and seemed that it was related to the memory_limit value in php.ini, but after increasing, it takes longer, but error appears...and only 93 records are done so far.


Any other suggestions I should start looking at? Could it be related to mysql instead apachea of sugarcrm?


Thanks a lot, dont know what else to check.