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How can I show custom fields on a Contacts module subview?

Question asked by Zachary Allin on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by gkhanlarov

In our main Sugar 7.9 instance, we have several custom fields defined via a custom package.  This field (ppl_cd) appears in both the Desktop version of the web application, as well as through the v10 REST API when fetching a specific Contact record.  However through the mobile SDK, I am unable to find the field and its data in the object. 


Here is a code snippet showing how I am trying to get the Contact record's data from within a subview of the Contact module detail-view:  


initialize(options) {
    // Store the Contact record's data in an instance variable for form submission
    this.contactData =;


I see available within the contactData object all Sugar-default fields (first_name, phone_work, id, etc), but none of our custom-defined fields.  For reference, our Contact custom fields are currently defined through Contacts/Ext/Vardefs inside a custom package.


How can I access the values of custom Contact fields from within the mobile application?