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Pre-populating fields in a createview

Question asked by Kenneth Brill on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Kenneth Brill

I am not sure why I am having such an issue with this but I just want to copy over the related account when create a Bug on a cases subpanel.  So on the Case there is an account_id and account_name. I can see those easily.  On the Bug there is a custom relationship that I want to fill.  It is called accounts_bugs_1


I have tried





and every other variation I can think of and nothing works.  The fields are on the screen and they work but I cannot see to set them.  If I pause in the debugger and do


this.model.attributes.accounts_bugs_1 (or any other)

it is undefined.  If it just do a


I get a list that contains all the fields but none of the relationships.


not sure what I am doing wrong.