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adding a 3rd dependency dropdown

Discussion created by josh avila on Jun 22, 2017
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hi everyone.


i have two dropdowns, the second dependent on the first and it works fine, no problem at all. but i want to add a 3rd dropdown dependent on the second one. is it possible?

dd #1 =tipo_proceso_c

dd#2 =tipo_campana_c

dd#3 =nom_campana_c


path => custom/modules/tasks/metadad

$update_dropdown_field_defs = array('tipo_proceso_c' => array(
             ' ' => array('tipo_campana_c'=>'empty_list'),
             'residencial' => array('tipo_campana_c'=>'residencial_list'),
             'pyme' => array('tipo_campana_c'=>'pyme_list'),




//residencial_list has 'paqutes','tv_linea','retencion','upgrade_res' and this have other list

//pyme_list has 'producto','upgrade_pyme' and this have other list


attached is an example