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How can I async set an Enum field's dropdown data?

Question asked by Zachary Allin on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by gkhanlarov

We have a custom form that we want to implement as a record action on the Contacts module.  I'm able to get the view to appear (extension of the Container view with a subview containing a form template), but am having difficulty asynchronously setting the available dropdown values for an Enum field.  The reason it has to be async is that we are fetching the dropdown values from an external-to-Sugar API inside of the company (we've extended Sugar's API to make the call, so we are still only hitting Sugar via Zepto). 


How can I get the timings to work correctly to set the dropdown values on the existing Enum field type?  Or should I try to do this with a custom field type that relies directly on the async call?  


Any help or guidance you could provide would be really helpful.