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sugar logic in process definition

Question asked by Shannon Warren on Jun 16, 2017
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I have a process definition that gets ran on call. I have have  a field on leads "call_attempt_count" as int type. I want to take the value from leads and increment when a new call is created. I don't want to use a calculated field because it's only for certain types of calls. I am on 7.8 so I can't use the new stuff in 7.9 that would help.


The issue is I can't get the sugar logic to work in the PD. 


I tried setting it several ways:

add($call_attempt_count", 1)

and by using the expression builder 

filed name + 1 


and a couple of other ways. 


The sugar logic won't stay in the field.  My goal is to have a process definition only create a new call if the leads call count is less than X number.