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poor information about SugarCRM Unit test

Question asked by Bruce Park on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by Bruce Park

Hi all,


I am having a problem with using SugarCRM Unit test framework.

I know how to use PHPUnit but SugarCRM Unittest seems very different. I couldn't find any manual or documentation for this and I found just short descriptions or snippets only. So if anyone who has one of them, please share them with me.


And I was trying to run SugarCRM Unit test using the example which is posted on Sugar community (Creating a PHP unit test for Sugar 7 « Sugar Developer Blog – SugarCRM ). The default file system after downloading Sugar Unittest from Github looks similar with original Sugar but there is no custom directory which is mentioned on the post, moreover, there is no additional explanation whether I should create these directories or not by myself. Anyway, after I created these directories as the same as the post mentioned, which is not sure and I ran it and of course, I met an error. It was about entryPoint.php is not existing. I just copied this file from our original Sugar and ran it again but it was totally different from the snapshot of the example.


Why is this happening? and anyone can share SugarCRM Unit Test documentation or URL?


Thank you.