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Rendering a record view using drawer in sugarcrm

Question asked by Parithiban G on May 31, 2017

I am new to sugarcrm. I need to make a create and edit drawer view for a sugar module from another view. so i worked with drawer. i implemented the create view but i am struggling with the record view. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Code for create view :

var meetingsBean = {
'name': name
, meetingsModel ='Meetings', meetingsBean)
, self = this;{
layout: 'create',
context: {
create: true,
module: 'Meetings',
model: meetingsModel
}, function(meetingsModel) {
// Need to know how to check meetings note added correctly then show error here
if (!meetingsModel) {


My scenario is that i will have the meetings module in another module(kind of calendar) rendering all the meetings for specific month/day/year. so the user can create a meeting by selecting the date or can edit the meeting by clicking on the existing meeting.