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Process business rule to map regions to sales team

Question asked by Shannon Warren on May 31, 2017
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Is there a way to do some type of lookup in PBRs? Here is the scenario: I have 1000 metro areas in my system in a custom module with fields (name, metro_id, etc) . Each metro area is mapped to two teams (small biz team & enterprise team). I have users assigned to each team.


What I need to do is when a lead comes in with a metro area assigned and a business type "small biz" I want to do a PBR that will return the correct team. Small biz lead with a LA metro would return the team "small biz west region team", Enterprise lead from NY would map the NY Metro and return "enterprise Northeast region team".


I know how to do this if you have a small amount of matches like the state example that Sugar has. But when you have hundreds or even thousands of possibilities this become unmanageable and I would like to keep from writing a logic hook.


It would be nice if I could say " look for a matching metro, find the teams assigned that metro area, match only the one that equals the business type".


I thought I could do this but not sure how to make it return the team id to use in the Process Definitions. The other issue is I can't find a way to link the metro area (CBSA module) to the "teams". Teams is not an available option in the relationship builder.