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Building hierarchies with the "Reports To" field to process commissions (yikes!)

Question asked by Kyle Smith on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 30, 2017 by Kyle Smith

I'm looking to construct relational/tree hierarchies within Sugar.  Are there additional fields like "Reports To" that track relational hierarchies?  How many levels will "Reports to" track?  I need to track hierarchies of Contacts, not just users/teams.  


Use case: Entries at the bottom of the tree get (X%) of the commission on a sale, each level up in the tree gets (0-x%) until the final, top, level is paid out the remainder of the commission.  It is possible for us to have upwards of 6 tree levels.  When a product is sold, it will check who the sale agent was and then "print" out the full hierarchy for validation.  Each level has it's own commission % which will be validated at each print step.  If all print steps are valid up to the top level (us), then it will create a payout record for that sale with the print steps broken down for "easy" payout by accounts payable.  


Issue: I need a field that tracks a relational hierarchy so that I can automate commission reconciliation by referencing accounts up and down the hierarchy tree during the validation process.  


Thank you in advance for helping me start this substantial undertaking