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queryAnd() and queryOr() in the same query

Question asked by Kenneth Brill on May 26, 2017

I am writing a SugarQuery and it goes like this


          $query = new SugarQuery();
          $query->from(BeanFactory::getBean('Orders'), array('team_security' => false));
          $accounts = $query->join('orders_accounts', array('team_security' => false))->joinName();
          $query->select(array(array('', 'orderID')));

                      ->equals("orders_cstm.order_type_c", "System 1")
                      ->equals("orders_cstm.order_type_c", "System 2");

                 ->equals("$", $accountID)
                 ->equals("orders.close_est", 100);

When it runs the SQL from the QueryAnd section is there but the SQL from the queryOr section is not .   What am I doing wrong ?